Configurator Rules Queries

This post will help you Query Oracle configurator Rules through backend using SQL syntax. All Rules Rules in Configurator are organized in rule folders in the repository. Below query lists down the folder structure of the rules SELECT RULE_FOLDER_ID, PARENT_RULE_FOLDER_ID, name, desc_text, tree_seq FROM CZ_RULE_FOLDERS WHERE devl_project_id =1698780 AND object_type =’RFL’ START WITH PARENT_RULE_FOLDER_ID IS […]

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Configurator Populator Queries

Populators can be used to create Options under OptionFeatures for specifc item types imported in the item master. List of Populators Below queries provide details of all nodes created using populators along with the details of the populator. SELECT parentCZNode, czNode, czps.from_populator_id, popuatorName, czp.query_syntax, czps.ps_node_type FROM cz_ps_nodes czps, cz_populators czp, cz_ps_nodes czps2 […]

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Oracle Configurator (CZ) Extension Rule Queries

Below query lists down the high level details of the configurator extension rules SELECT DISTINCT RU.RULE_ID, RU.NAME, (SELECT NAME FROM CZ_SIGNATURES WHERE SIGNATURE_ID=EN.ARGUMENT_SIGNATURE_ID) AS EVENTNAME, CLASS_NAME, DECODE(EN.EVENT_EXECUTION_SCOPE, 1, ‘Global’, 2, ‘Base Node SubTree’, 4, ‘Base Node’, ‘Unknown’) AS SCOPE, EN.DATA_VALUE oncommandEventName FROM CZ_RULES RU, CZ_EXPRESSION_NODES EN WHERE DEVL_PROJECT_ID IN (1698780) –for given devl_project_id AND RU.RULE_ID=EN.RULE_ID […]

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Oracle Configurator (CZ) Model Structure Queries

The information for the bom and non bom nodes for the model is stored in the cz_ps_nodes table. The below query shows the two level hierarchial structure of a model. SELECT czps.ps_node_id,, parent, czps.parent_id, czps.tree_seq, czps.from_populator_id, czps.minimum, czps.maximum, DECODE(czps.PS_NODE_TYPE,262,’Option’,261, DECODE(czps.feature_type,4,’Text Feature’,0,’Option Feature’,1,’Integer Feature’), 437,’BOM Option Class’,259,’Component’,262,’Option Feature’,438,’STD Item’) Type, czps.PS_NODE_TYPE, czps.feature_type, czps.reference_id, czps.multi_config_flag, […]

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Oracle Configurator (CZ) Model Property Data queries

The below query lists down all the properties and their values attached to all the models. SELECT model, czps.ps_node_id node, nodeName, czpv.property_id, propertyName, czpv.data_value, czpv.data_num_value FROM apps.cz_ps_nodes czps, apps.cz_devl_projects czdp, apps.cz_ps_prop_vals czpv, apps.cz_properties czp WHERE 1=1–czps.devl_project_id IN (1440380,1698780) AND czdp.devl_project_id =czps.devl_project_id AND czps.deleted_flag =0 AND czpv.ps_node_id =czps.ps_node_id AND czp.property_id =czpv.property_id You can […]

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Oracle Configurator (CZ) Model publication queries

The CZ model publication details are present in the cz_model_publications table. The below query details down all the publications made so far along with the parameter details. SELECT (SELECT vl.application_name FROM fnd_application_vl vl WHERE vl.application_id = ma.fnd_application_id ) app_name, ma.fnd_application_id, ma.publication_id, mp.remote_publication_id, p.Name Model_Name, p.Desc_text, ma.publication_mode, ma.product_key, (SELECT mtl.segment1 FROM mtl_system_items mtl WHERE mtl.inventory_item_id = […]

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